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How does an IVA work?
If accepted, you will then make one affordable monthly payment to the IVA.
Your payment is then distributed to your unsecured creditors.
On completion, all of your debt that is included is written off.
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Trusted Customer

Thanks for getting me onto Middlebrooks the other week for me. They really have been amazing and helped me no end. Lisa and Jason are the most genuinely decent people I have dealt with.

Trusted Customer

I like to thank you and all you guys from Middlebrooks! You have been great and it has been absolute pleasure to deal with you!

Trusted Customer

Middlebrooks were excellent at arranging my IVA, especially Jason who worked very hard. Communication with Jason was always easy he is very efficient I would definitely recommend this company.

Trusted Customer

5 Stars!

Good service follow up call to make sure all is ok.

Trusted Customer

I can't thank you enough for the way you dealt with our IVA, your Staff are excellent and treat you in a very understanding way.

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Unsecured Debt

Credit Card
Credit Card
Payday Loan
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Repayments Before & After an IVA

Before an IVA


(Total contractual repayments)

After an IVA


(Total contractual repayments)

That's a reduction of 62%

What debts can go into an IVA?
You can pay off any of your unsecured debts with an IVA including...
Personal Loans
Credit and Store Cards
Council Tax Arrears
Payday Loans
Debt Collectors / Bailiffs
What is an IVA?
An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a formal debt solution available in the UK including NI that can help you regain control of your finances by reducing your contractual monthly repayments and writing off a significant amount of your unsecured debt.
You pay one calculated and affordable monthly repayment for an agreed period of time. This is typically 5 years but can be longer or shorter depending on your circumstances. For example, a Homeowner with a lot of equity may require a 6 year IVA if they cannot release any equity, but a pensioner who is a tenant may only require a 3 year IVA.

During the lifetime of the IVA you will have full legal protection from unsecured creditors and interest and charges will be frozen. All creditor contact will be dealt with by our team and we will manage the IVA process for both you and your creditors.

There are no upfront fees to be paid and you will not be billed for our services. The costs of the IVA are agreed with your creditors and are simply deducted from your monthly repayments before we pay the balance to your unsecured creditors at agreed intervals, normally several times per year funds permitting.

At the end of the agreed period any unsecured debt you have not repaid is then legally written off.

In most situations, an IVA will provide a better return to your creditors than any other formal debt solution. Therefore, the IVA can often be the best option for both you and for creditors.
The IVA Journey...
Step 1 - Initial Contact
We will first assess your situation and discuss all of your debt resolution options. If you agree to start the IVA process, we will send you a Letter of Engagement and a brief list of documents that will be required to prepare your file.

Step 2 - Proposal Documentation
Your IVA proposal is prepared using all information available and is then sent to you for your review and approval. The proposal will include all necessary terms and conditions of your offer to unsecured creditors and how the IVA compares to your other options.

Step 3 - Meeting of Creditors
Once you have signed and returned your IVA proposal, a copy will be sent to all of your creditors and a virtual Meeting of Creditors will be held. This is effectively a deadline for your creditors to accept or reject your proposed offer. If 75% in value of your creditors voting at the meeting accept your IVA Proposal, then ALL creditors will be legally bound by the terms.

Step 4 - Supervision
Once your IVA is approved, you immediately receive full legal protection from your unsecured creditors included in the IVA. Your new affordable monthly repayment starts and we will supervise the IVA in accordance with the agreed terms.

Each year we will review your situation to confirm whether there need to be any changes to the IVA. If you struggle for any reason, we can grant payment holidays or even renegotiate the IVA terms with your creditors.

Step 5 - Completion
At the end of the agreed period your monthly repayments will cease and a final report will be issued to you and your creditors confirming the IVA has been completed. You will also be issued with a Certificate of Completion and any unsecured debt you have not repaid is then legally written off.
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