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What are Rent Arrears? How to Deal With Them?

While staying in a rented home, if you face any problems regarding the payment, it is known as the rent arrears. Here, your landlord will talk to you about the details. If the situation gets out of hand, then your landlord might not allow you to stay as a tenant in his/her home. When this type of situation occurs, you must not ignore them.

Here, you will get to know all about rent arrears in detail, and also you will learn how to handle them. Always keep in mind that the rent arrears are those types of debts that are of the highest priority. So, if you ignore them, you might have to become a homeless person. 

Rent Arrears: How to Deal with them?

Dealing with the rent arrears will be not so difficult if you follow some strategies and tactics. In addition to that, the procedure of rent arrear dealing will become much smoother when you take actions as soon as possible. Sometimes, you might not be entirely responsible for paying the rent arrears when you are living with someone else. 

Before staying in the residence, jointly both of you have to sign an agreement, this is basically known as the joint tenancy agreement. On facing any problems, call the person who lives with you and sort the matter with the landlord.

When you take over someone else’s tenancy, then it is known as the tenancy succession. Before doing this, investigate and make sure that your previous person doesn’t owe anything to the landlord. If this happens, then you might be held responsible for the previous person’s rent payments. 

The Tenancy Agreement 

The Tenancy Agreement must be done when you have already talked with the landlord about staying at his/her residence. The main term that you should include in your tenancy agreement is the amount that you are going to pay to the landlord, monthly. Apart from the monthly payment, you need to provide a deposit of money. This deposit of money will cover all the physical damages related to the property of the landlord. 

Do you owe the right amount?

Of course, you need to check the amount first. Make sure that it is identical to the amount that you have stated as a deal with the landlord. If you cannot remember the amount, ask the landlord or have a look at the agreement, rent book or rent card. The rent book or the rent card will be provided by the landlord. 

What if you have missed a payment?

Let’s say, for example, the rent you pay is just 600 pounds and you have skipped a payment. So, what are you going to do now? Meet the landlord and have a formal conversation with him/her. Place an offer in front of her and the offer goes like this – From the next month, you will usually pay 600 pounds as usual. 

The skipped payment will be split into 6 parts. With every monthly payment, a single part will be added to it. It’s 600+100 = 700 pounds from next month. The extra 100 pounds addition, will be continued for the next 6 months. Not every landlord will agree to this approach as they want the money. So, all you have to do is to request him/her to accept the approach.

What if the Landlord doesn’t Agree?

If your landlord doesn’t agree with your offer, then ask his/her opinion about the repayment of the missing rent arrear. Always make a note of your current financial situation and let the landlord know it. In addition to that, inform the landlord that you are trying your best to repay the rent arrear that is due for one month. 

Important Benefits 

Several Housing Benefits and Universal Credit can help you in taking over the rent arrear. If you are receiving one of these, then make sure that you are receiving the correct amount that you have appealed for. If you are paying the rent arrears with the help of the benefits or Universal Credit, then you need not have give the additional amount to the landlord. 

The Landlord’s Possession 

Evicting you for the reason of not paying the rent arrears is the action of seeking possession by the landlord. Unfortunately, the possession will involve orders from the court. No matter what happens, you have to visit the court once. But, the landlord doesn’t have the right to make you leave home and take you to court. Before that, he/she must do something, and they are here as follows:

  • The landlord must follow the rent arrears protocol. In this type of cases, the protocols are considered as the pre-action protocols.
  • Breaking or violating the protocols might result in the acquisition of the landlord. 
  • Before any type of seeking possession, the landlord must have sent you the notice for it. In addition to that, he/she must send you the notice to quit the home. 
  • If the landlord steps into the court, then you will eventually receive the court orders. 

When the situation gets critical, the court might issue a warrant of possession against you. After that, the consequences will continue to deteriorate. The notice of eviction will also reach you in time. If necessary, the landlord can also hire bailiffs to get the rent arrear. 

Is it Time to Leave your Home?

When the situation is not in your favour regarding the pending rent arrears, then you might get a notice to leave the place. Depending upon the agreement, you have to carry out the necessary task. Before leaving the place, make sure that all the belongings that you had used, but don’t belong to you are intact. If any damage occurs, the landlord will deduct the price of the damaged item from the deposited money. 

If any item gets damaged and it is not your fault, immediately inform the landlord and narrate the matter. Hopefully, he/she will understand the matter, that you haven’t done anything. If you are waiting for the Universal Credit, and it will fulfil the rent arrear, request the landlord to wait for some time. 

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